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At Dorner Plastic Surgery, we're all about making you feel and look your best. Dr. Brian Dorner, our top-notch board-certified plastic surgeon, leads the way here. Our place is like the cutting-edge HQ for all things cosmetic. We've got fancy gadgets, a super-friendly team, and cozy treatment rooms where you can just kick back. We're all about personalizing your treatment plan and taking top-notch care about you. Our mission at Dorner Plastic Surgery is People Empowerment Period. We want you to feel your absolute best. So, peruse our website and indulge yourself in all the surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery transformations we have right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Plastic Surgery in Columbus

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We've got the tricks, both surgical and non-surgical, to make you look and feel amazing. Check out our full range of services to discover how we can help you achieve the look you've always dreamed of.
Meet <span>Dr. Dorner</span>

Meet Dr. Dorner

Dr. Brian Dorner is not your average plastic surgeon – he’s exceptional. With a keen focus on helping you both look and feel your absolute best, he’s the real deal. Dr. Dorner’s journey to excellence took him far and wide. He was handpicked from a pool of applicants from all corners of the nation and underwent extensive training in advanced aesthetic procedures. Notably, he completed a highly esteemed cosmetic surgery fellowship under the mentorship of John Q. Owsley, M.D., a true pioneer in the world of modern facelifts.

His background is a unique blend of medical expertise and artistic finesse. You could say he was destined for a career in cosmetic surgery, with a plastic surgeon for a father and an artist for a mother. So, when you choose Dr. Dorner, you’re not just choosing a plastic surgeon – you’re choosing an artistically inclined professional who’s dedicated to your well-being and giving you the personalized care you need.

Our Procedures

At Dorner Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brian Dorner and his aesthetic team offer plastic surgery in Columbus, Ohio for the enhancement and alteration of the face, body, breast, and skin. Through both surgical and non-surgical treatments, we can offer transformative, desirable results that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Browse our complete list of services to learn more about how we can help you achieve the appearance you have always desired.

Popular Plastic Surgery Options in Columbus

Looking to refresh your look in Columbus? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some fantastic options to help you look and feel your best!

Let’s start with a classic favorite in the world of plastic surgery: breast augmentation. This procedure allows women to adjust the size and shape of their breasts using either implants or their own fat from elsewhere on their body. And if you’re aiming for that perfect silhouette, it’s often combined with a breast lift.

But we don’t stop there when it comes to body transformations. Our routine body reshaping surgeries include liposuction to bid farewell to stubborn fat in various body areas, and the tummy tuck, which sculpts your waist and abdomen while tightening those muscles that might have stretched due to overexertion or pregnancy. We’ve also got options like arm lifts, labiaplasty, and butt augmentations. And here’s something unique: Dr. Dorner is one of the few practitioners in the United States who can perform rib removals to really snatch your waist. Yes, you read that right!

Now, if you’re thinking about giving your facial features a little makeover, we’ve got a whole array of options for you. Say goodbye to sagging skin with a facelift or neck lift, which can work wonders in turning back the clock. If you’re looking for a more subtle upgrade, consider our skin-revitalizing Microneedling technique, SofWave, laser skin resurfacing, or explore our range of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers like Botox or Sculptra.

No matter what’s on your mind or what concerns you may have, rest assured, we’ve got a solution for you! Let’s help you look and feel your absolute best.


My only regret was I did not find Dr. Dorner and his staff sooner! Walking into the office everything was very clean, staff was exceptionally friendly. My appointment was even better. Colleen, Dina and Dr. Dorner went above and beyond answering all questions and concerns. Finally, my results are phenomenal, greater than I was even expecting! I can’t thank Dorner Plastic Surgery enough.
The Search Stops Here! - Writing this as of 3 weeks post op. Will update further out. Dr. Dorner was like my 4th or 5th consult for brachioplasty. I researched surgeons and the procedure itself extensively. Probably too much. But I’m glad I went for that one last consult before deciding. I had already booked with another surgeon when I went to see dr Dorner. And I was torn leaving...
Had Gynecomastia surgery here and I cannot recommend this place enough! Everyone I met from the consult to the procedure were super nice and helpful with any questions I had! If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in the Columbus area, please give them a shot! You will not be disappointed!
I went to Dr. Dorner for my breast augmentation. I am so happy I did! They look and feel amazing, he delivered exactly the look I wanted. I can’t believe I waited so long to get this procedure done. I would highly recommend Dr. Dorner!
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Transform Your Future with Plastic Surgery in Columbus

Ready to transform your future right here in Columbus? We totally get it – most of us have a thing or two about our appearance that we’d love to change. If you’ve been mulling over the idea of plastic surgery or even some top-notch Med Spa treatments, guess what? This might just be the perfect moment to take the plunge.

Sure, every procedure comes with its own bit of downtime and potential side effects to keep in mind. But here’s the exciting part: the results can be seriously game-changing with results that last.

Dorner Plastic Surgery and Medspa is buzzing with a wide array of plastic surgery options that can help you transform and elevate your look in ways that’ll make heads turn. So why wait? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a chat with Dr. Dorner and our awesome aesthetic team. There’s no need to put it off any longer – you deserve to look and feel your best right now!