How Long is the Recovery for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 06/14/2019

Breast enhancement is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures among women throughout the world.


What are the Benefits of B12 Injections?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 06/04/2019

Options like B12 injections provide near-instant results in a simple, in-office visit.


Weak Chin or Jaw?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 05/30/2019

Jaw, chin, cheeks, eyes – Dr Dorner has the answer for both men and women.


What Other Procedures Can I Get with My Breast Aug?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 04/01/2019

Dr. Dorner works with each woman individually to create customized body contouring procedures to sculpt her ideal figure.


Is Laser Hair Removal Only for Legs?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 02/11/2019

The truth is, lasers are regularly used for hair removal on the face and body as well.


Why You Should Consider A Surgical Center for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Brian Dorner | 02/03/2019

While many surgeons opt to perform cosmetic procedures in hospitals, the facilities are often ill-equipped for aesthetic-related surgeries.


CoolSculpting® Success Stories

Dr. Brian Dorner | 12/28/2018

Men and women from all walks of life are flocking to the trendy procedure, and for a good reason.


Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions A Reality in the New Year

Dr. Brian Dorner | 12/14/2018

Ring in 2019 with a resolution that you know can be accomplished. Commit to a weight loss program that actually works.


When to Book Injectables for the Holidays

Dr. Brian Dorner | 11/28/2018

At Dorner Plastic Surgery, we encourage our patients to schedule their injectable appointments well before any big event.


Aesthetic Medicine Buying Guide

Dr. Brian Dorner | 11/15/2018

We are here to guide you through the shopping process, avoid misunderstandings, and make a physical memory that will last for years to come.


November is Healthy Skin Awareness Month

Dr. Brian Dorner | 11/01/2018

Skin is the body’s largest organ and taking care of it properly will help you reap the benefits of hydration, radiance, and regeneration.


What Women with Implants Should Tell Their Mammogram Technician

Dr. Brian Dorner | 10/01/2018

It is important for all women, whether they have implants or not, to be breast aware.


Refine your Shape with truSculpt® 3D

Dr. Brian Dorner | 08/02/2018

truSculpt is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that also addresses skin laxity and reduces the appearance of cellulite.


Are Pectoral Implants Right for Me?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 07/16/2018

Pectoral implants are custom designed specifically to the shape and size you want.


Is There Any Downtime or Side Effects with CoolSculpting?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 07/03/2018

One of the main reasons this body-contouring procedure is gaining so much traction is the zero downtime and minimal side effects.


Facelift Vs. Neck Lift: Which is Better? Can I Get Both?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 06/28/2018

Both facelifts and neck lifts can be customized to meet a patients’ individual goals and needs.


How Much Is Laser Hair Removal?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 04/05/2018

You may be surprised to learn how affordable laser treatments can be.


How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 01/08/2018

Your price is based on the treatment area, the number of treatments you need, and your ultimate goals.


Why Do They Call it Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Brian Dorner | 08/15/2017

Today we have many technological advances to help mold and shape your body.


Best Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

Dr. Brian Dorner | 08/06/2017

We wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the other leading plastic surgeons in our fine state.


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