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How Long is the Recovery for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

June 14, 2019 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Breast enhancement is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures among women throughout the world. Although breast augmentations have been around for decades, the procedure has seen some major advancements in the last several years. Using the latest surgical techniques, we’re able to minimize the risks involved and facilitate a faster recovery process. While no two procedures are the same, the typical healing process is often similar for many women. Dr. Dorner works with each woman independently to customize her procedure and post-surgical recovery plan according to her lifestyle. Today, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect after your breast augmentation surgery.


What Happens the First Week After My Augmentation?

Augmentations are typically done on an outpatient basis. However, some women may choose to stay in one of our surgical suites for up to 23-hours post-op for round-the-clock care. Swelling and discomfort should significantly subside on its own within 3-4 days. While resting and relaxing will be a priority, taking short walks around the house every several hours is a good idea during this time.

When Can I Return to Work and Other Normal Activities?

When you’ll be able to return to work may vary depending on your occupation. Lifting heavy objects and other strenuous tasks may prevent some women from returning to work as early as they’d like. In most cases, Dr. Dorner recommends taking 1-2 weeks to adequately heal from your surgery.

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When Will I Be Able to Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

Most women feel comfortable returning to light exercise in about 2-weeks. It’s a good idea to listen to your body when it comes to the recovery process to prevent longer healing times. The majority of swelling will have dissipated by this time, however, you’ll still need to wear your compression garment during physical activities and when sleeping.

How Long Does Full Recovery Take?

Every woman is unique. Some women may be back to their full, normal routine in several weeks, while others may opt to take several months to return to their regular schedule. An otherwise healthy woman who sticks to her recovery plan typically has a 6-week healing process ahead of her. Dr. Dorner will be available throughout the recovery process to answer any questions and ensure you are well on your way to enjoying your new contours.

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