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Is the Ponytail Lift the New Facelift?

In one word – no. It may be the latest buzz word you are seeing on social media but the “ponytail lift,” “quick lift,” “weekend face-lift,” or even the “lunchtime facial,” is not the answer if you want real results. It’s a fancy name for a solution that’s not permanent.

“Really it’s just a limited endoscopic lift that has been around for decades” says Dr. Brian Dorner, “Small incisions are made within the hairline by the temples. A small instrument and camera are inserted through the opening, and suspension sutures are used to elevate the midface to make the scarring discreet. But it’s very limiting because you can’t address and cut off any skin laxity with this method.”

Dr. Dorner’s deep plane lift is tailored to each patient’s unique facial anatomy to produce the most natural-looking and longest-lasting facelift results. It’s all about a rejuvenated you. His advanced facelift lifts the muscle tissue and skin to correct heavy cheeks, neck sagging, skin laxity.

“Avoid becoming too focused on buzzwords and, instead, spend that time and energy researching and selecting an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who can customize a facelift to your facial anatomy.”

Not ready for a deep plane facelift, but still looking to keep your baddy self fabulous?

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