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What Women with Implants Should Tell Their Mammogram Technician

October 1, 2018 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

It is important for all women, whether they have implants or not, to be breast aware. All women are advised to undergo routine mammograms, especially after the age of 40. The FDA encourages women, whether you have had a breast augmentation or not, to get a mammogram every 2 years.

Women with implants should let their screening service know they have implants before attending breast-screening appointments. When scheduling an appointment, make sure to tell the staff that you have implants so they can prepare ahead of time.

Before Your Appointment

You should schedule your mammogram with a radiologist that has experience with performing the procedure for women with implants. Implants can sometimes make it harder to see breast tissue during the screening. If you have implants, you may wish to take additional x-ray images from different angles to be sure that all of the breast tissue is completely examined. It can sometimes make it difficult to see tissues in women who have subglanduler implants above the muscle.

Ask your radiologist what technology they use for mammograms; 2D or 3D. While traditional 2D mammograms are good, 3D is better, especially for women with breast implants. With a 3D implant, more photos are taken in rapid succession allowing your technician a broader vantage point to spot abnormalities.

During Your Mammogram Appointment

You’ve already told your technician that you have implants when scheduling your appointment.Do it again. Your radiologist will benefit from knowing more about your augmentation.

Implants are durable and are made to withstand mammograms. However, ruptures do rarely occur. While it’s pretty obvious if a saline implant ruptures, it may not be so noticeable for silicone varieties. If you have silicone implants, your radiologist can look for a silent rupture in the mammogram results.

If your mammogram mentions a rupture or you suspect that your implant may have ruptured, you should go to your plastic surgeon immediately. They will know the best medical review practice to prescribe, such as an ultrasound or MRI exam. These will be used to evaluate if, in fact, the implant has ruptured. If this is the case with a Dorner Plastic Surgery patient, Dr. Dorner will create a customized treatment plan for repair.

Changes In Breast

If you’ve noticed any changes to breast tissue or the implants themselves, you should immediately notify your family pracititioner or OBGYN. They’ll examine your concerns before deciding if additional imaging is necessary. When an abnormality is potentially present, your technician may recommend an MRI or ultrasound to uncover the problem.

Don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Dorner or his staff for a referral. Dr. Dorner can recommend a radiologist in Columbus, Ohio with experience in performing mammograms for women with breast implants.

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