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Why You Should Consider A Surgical Center for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

February 3, 2019 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Breast augmentation can be a wonderful procedure for the right woman. The boost in self confidence alone is life changing, which is why getting implants is one of the most commonly requested procedures. If your breasts are naturally small, not proportionate in size and shape, or have become deflated as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or aging, breast augmentation surgery may be the solution for you. You may just want to increase the size and shape of your breasts in a way that makes you feel more self confident. Whatever your reason for surgery, it is important to remember that not all surgeons or practices are created equally.

While many surgeons opt to perform cosmetic procedures in hospitals, the facilities are often ill-equipped for aesthetic-related surgeries and patients actually have to pay more out of pocket. Dorner Plastic Surgery offers patients a state-of-the-art surgical center that’s both state and nationally accredited to the highest standards of healthcare. Your safety is Dr. Dorner’s top priority!

A board-certified plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist, Dr Dorner has extensive experience in advanced cosmetic surgery. Like the surgical center he created and over-sees, his meticulous attention to detail creates outstanding results. He built his new surgical center to ensure he could take extra time and care with every patient to ensure that each individual receives the personalized attention they deserve. So, what can you expect?

#1: Fully-Equipped Operating Rooms

Patients can benefit from two fully-equipped operating rooms at Dorner Plastic Surgery. Each room is equipped with the latest, most advanced surgical tools to make your procedure go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Unlike hospitals that are designed to handle trauma patients and diseases, our facility is dedicated to ensuring an optimal outcome for your specific cosmetic procedure. You don’t have to worry about coming into contact with hospital infections.

#2: Specially-Trained Staff at Your Side

Our specialized staff will be at your side before, during, and after your augmentation surgery.You won’t have distracted nurses that are on-call for dozens of other patients throughout the hospital. Your anesthesiologist will constantly monitor and adjust your anesthesia as needed. Our staff is also highly-trained at spotting and preventing potential complications so you can feel safe and comfortable during your cosmetic procedure knowing that you are in the best care possible.

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#3: Post-Surgical Recovery Suites

Recover in luxury with our state-of-the-art aftercare suites. While breast augmentations performed in hospitals are typically considered an outpatient procedure (meaning you leave several hours after surgery), Dorner Plastic Surgery offers patients up to 23-hours of recovery at our accredited surgical center. Whether you’re an out-of-town guest or would simply like to relax for the day before returning home, you’ll enjoy our deluxe recovery suites where you will have constant monitoring and care.

#4: A Surprisingly Lower Price Tag

You may be surprised to learn how costly facility fees can be when you opt for surgery at a hospital. You have to pay out-of-pocket hourly for both your operating room and the staff. At Dorner Plastic Surgery, you’ll benefit from high-quality care and friendly, knowledgeable staff at a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Dorner plastic surgery center is staffed with some wonderful people, from Dr. Dorner to his secretary’s. From the moment you walk in the door you’re greeted with a smile and a warm greeting. Dr. Dorner and his staff truly want you to FEEL and look your best.

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Take the Next Step

We’ve listed just a few advantages you can expect when you choose our surgical center over a hospital stay for your upcoming breast augmentation surgery. If you’d like a relaxing, discreet place to have your breast augmentation, we’re here to help. Dr. Dorner will be happy to meet with you and discuss all of the benefits of the surgical center at the time of your initial consultation

To learn more about Breast Augmentation Surgery or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dorner, please fill out the form on this page or call (614) 336-9000. We’re located in Dublin, OH and we serve the Columbus, Ohio Metro Area. We also have a fly in program for national and international patients.

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