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(4) Breast Surgery in Columbus

Breast Lift

A breast lift procedure can recontour the breasts through removing excess skin and tightening remaining tissue creating a more youthful look.

Breast Revision

Breast revision may be wanted to correct flaws or imperfections after an initial breast procedure or to remove/replace breast implants.

Better Breast Center

Getting a Better Breast at DPS starts with a seminar covering the various aspects of breast augmentation with


Breast augmentation in Columbus, Ohio is a procedure that reshapes the breasts to create a fuller appearance. It

Breast Surgery in Columbus

If your breasts are not as full and firm as you would like, you can actually do something about it. At Dorner Plastic Surgery, we work closely with you to project the aesthetic image that fits your personal style. We provide transformative breast surgery in Columbus, and our satisfied patients rely on Dr. Dorner’s extensive training and advanced cosmetic surgery techniques to take them to the next level. Schedule a consultation and see why women from all over Ohio and across the country come to us for their breast enhancement needs.

Are You Considering Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

We understand that each woman has unique aesthetic standards. What might be the best choice for one woman might not be the best choice for you. Dr. Dorner wants you to feel comfortable with your decision to get breast surgery in Columbus, so your initial consultation helps him learn more about you, your expectations, your concerns, and your health.

As breast procedures often include age and health restrictions, we request your personal and health information. We need to know your medical history and any issues that might interfere with your surgery, anesthesia, or recovery, such as your history of smoking. When we understand your personal history, we assist you in deciding which breast enhancement options are suitable for you.

Breast Augmentation

When you choose breast augmentation surgery, our doctor modifies and reshapes your breasts during an outpatient surgical procedure, which he accomplishes by positioning an implant either beneath or above your pectoral muscles. Since implants have a wide range of attributes, you will select the options before your surgery that will help you achieve the look you prefer. Among your choices are:

Information About Gummy Implants

A traditional breast implant has a silicone shell with a saline or silicone gel filling. A gummy implant uses a highly-cohesive silicone gel with different properties. Gummy implants are a popular choice because they are firmer, they retain their shape better than saline or gel, and they come in varying consistencies.

How About Fat Transfers?

You might think that implants are not the right direction for you. Luckily, there is another option that might get the job done. Dr. Dorner performs fat graft breast augmentations using fat harvested from your body. He uses a liposuction technique to remove tissue from your thighs, stomach, or other areas; and before using them to enhance your breast, he purifies the tissue, removing blood and other contaminants.

It requires more time to accomplish a fat transfer but the process has unique benefits. Fat augmentation often lasts longer than typical implants, and your body is also less likely to reject your own fat cells or experience an adverse reaction.

Breast Lifts and Revisions

A lift may be an appropriate breast surgery option for you in Columbus if your breasts have lost their symmetry, volume, or firmness. These conditions often occur due to nursing, excessive weight loss, and age-related changes – and they happen to almost everyone! When Dr. Dorner performs a breast lift, he reshapes your breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue.

If you are unhappy with your previous breast augmentation results, we can also provide a breast revision. While many women remain happy with their original results, some have issues that require surgical revision, for example:

Dr. Dorner could evaluate your condition, even if another surgeon performed your original augmentation surgery. He might also determine a more appropriate method for revising your breasts and improving the results.

Contact Us About the Possibilities of Breast Surgery in Columbus

You don’t have to simply accept the way your chest looks without doing something about it. If you have been considering how firmer, more youthful breasts could change your overall image, contact Dorner Plastic Surgery to ask about options for enhancing, lifting, or revising your breasts. Leave a message to schedule a consultation for breast surgery in Columbus. We are looking forward to meeting with you and adding a little spark back into your life. Discover the Dorner Difference and begin your transformative journey.

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