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(4) Male Plastic Surgery in Columbus

Upper Body Implants

Upper body implants are provided to add muscle definition and bulk to several areas of the arm to create the desired shape and size.

Calf Augmentation

Calf augmentation involves the use of silicone implants to help add definition and volume to the calves, creating symmetry and a muscular figure.

Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implants can help to enhance the chest for those who wish to add bulk and definition to the area, building a more muscular physique.


Gynecomastia treatments remove excess, abnormal breast tissue in males in order to allow them to experience regained confidence.

Male Plastic Surgery in Columbus

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular among men who want to maintain or improve their youthful, fit appearance. Many men simply want to add definition to areas they have not been able to develop through normal exercise and healthy living. We are happy to offer plastic surgery for men in Columbus at our practice.

Scheduling a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Dorner is the first step to getting the information you need. Dr. Dorner can discuss options, pricing, and expectations so that you have a better understanding of the types of surgery are available for men who want to look as good as they feel.

The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries for Men in Columbus

Many of the surgeries that Dorner Plastic Surgery offers can be performed on both male and female patients. Some of the most popular procedures include:

Although both sexes can benefit from these, the goals can be very different. For women, the aim is to create a curvier figure, while men typically prefer a toned and muscular physique. We will discuss your ideal results ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page as far as what we are trying to accomplish.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Specialized for Men

Some procedures are more specific to men than women and can target specific areas of your body in order to add definition.

Upper Body Implants

Have you been working out constantly, but you just are not getting the definition and size that others seem to get with ease? Upper body implants are used to increase the appearance of the muscles, specifically in your arms. Dr. Dorner can help you identify which areas could give you the best results: your biceps, triceps, trapezius, or deltoids.

The implants are made from silicone, so they look and feel like real muscle. We customize them to your body and usually perform the surgery as an outpatient procedure. Expect some downtime until the surgical site is healed and avoid strenuous activity until Dr. Dorner gives you the all-clear.

Pectoral Implants

If you dream of defined pecs, but lifting all those weights is not getting the job done, pectoral implants may be right for you. Many male plastic surgery candidates in Columbus have come to Dr. Dorner to achieve their desired results. Pectoral implants not only help you achieve an increase in size and definition, but also correct any asymmetry or genetic abnormalities. And, if you have lost a significant amount of weight, implants can also give definition to areas of lax skin.

Much like upper body implants, pectoral implants are made from silicone to replicate the look and feel of natural muscle. Dr. Dorner customizes each implant and performs the surgery under general anesthesia. You should not require an overnight stay but you will be given specific instructions for recovery.

Calf Augmentation

Sometimes illness, genetics, or an injury can leave you with skinny legs; and no matter what you do, you just cannot seem to develop strong, defined calf muscles. Patients are finding that augmenting the calf muscle with a silicone implant helps their legs appear strong and healthy looking. Additionally, one calf may require more augmentation than the other. Dr. Dorner will discuss the procedure with you, which can either be submuscular, where he inserts the implant beneath the muscle, or subfascial, where he inserts the implant under the fascia.

The implants are customized from silicone and fitted in an outpatient setting. You will be able to go home the same day, but you may need crutches or some help for the first few days.


Some men may experience breast growth due to:

Gynecomastia commonly occurs during puberty and as you get older, and although it is not abnormal, it may make you feel insecure and uncomfortable. However, if you are experiencing this issue, you no longer need to be embarrassed in the pool or other social functions where you have to remove your shirt.

This surgery generally involves liposuction to remove the excess fat from the chest wall. Dr. Dorner removes excess skin and repositions the nipple if necessary. You will need to allow time for your incisions to heal but scarring is usually minimal, and once Dr. Dorner releases you, you can go back to normal activity.

Choose Dr. Dorner for Male Plastic Surgery in Columbus

Plastic surgery for men in Columbus is readily available. Continue to live your best life, feeling and looking good, by calling Dr. Brian Dorner. Our office is easily accessible, and our friendly, experienced staff is here to answer your questions and provide options. Contact Dorner Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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