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Pectoral Implants in Columbus

With pectoral implants, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Dorner can enhance the size of your chest for a more defined, muscular shape. There are several reasons why a patient may benefit from pectoral implants in Columbus, including to add volume that is not being achieved by time spent in the gym. Pectoral implants in Columbus can also be helpful for individuals with congenital or physical deformities or muscle imbalances. Dr. Dorner and his skilled team also provide customized implants to allow you optimal results that are specialized for you. Contact Dorner Plastic Surgery to learn more or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Dorner and get one step closer to the male body you want.

Ideal Candidates

There are multiple categories of patients in Columbus who benefit from pectoral implants. The most common individual is just your average male who would like to have better definition in the pectoral region. Very athletic individuals also benefit from pectoral implants as they can further define and shape their contours. Patients who have had a congenital loss of the pectoral muscle benefit substantially from an implant as it can dramatically improve symmetry. Additionally, patients who have had significant weight loss benefit greatly from this procedure as much of their definition may have been lost. The implants fill out the loose tissues and provide improved definition. Sometimes in this category, a chest lift may also be necessary. The aging male also benefits dramatically from this procedure, since definition tends to decrease as we get older.

Procedure Technique

A pectoral implant procedure is performed under general anesthesia in our surgery center. A small incision is created within the armpit, similar to a transaxle area breast augmentation. Through the small incision, a pocket is created within the pectoral muscle just below the thick fascia that covers the muscle. The implant is then inserted and carefully positioned to provide the appropriate shape and definition.

There are multiple types of implants available. At Dorner Plastic Surgery, these can be customized depending on the type of shape and definition you desire. Custom implants are also available to help provide a more defined and individualized appearance. These custom implants can either be sculpted out of modeling silicone and then produced at the factory, or they can be created from a CT scan and refined through the use of computer simulation.

What to Expect with Pectoral Implants

Drains are generally not needed following a pectoral implant procedure. Most patients are able to go home the same day. Following the surgery, you can expect to be sore for several weeks, but early activity is encouraged. Most patients are able to return to work after about one week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do pectoral implants cost?

The price of a pectoral implant procedure will vary from patient to patient and can be dependent on the shape and size chosen. During a thorough consultation at our facility, Dr. Dorner will work to understand your aesthetic goals before creating a procedure plan to fit your needs and budget. A member of our financial team will also be able to discuss with you the payment methods we take at our facility, as well as give you information about financial planning.

How do I know which shape and size are right for me?

The shape and size of the implants that are right for you will be based on your current physique and your desired outcome. Dr. Dorner will able to provide you with a extensive consultation and utilize imaging technology to determine which implants are ideal for you.

What other procedures can be paired with pectoral implants?

Several patients opt to have additional procedures performed alongside a pectoral implant procedure. These may include liposuction or upper body implants (deltoid, bicep, tricep, and trapezius) to help you achieve even more enhanced results. In your consultation. Dr. Dorner will be able to understand your overall desired figure and suggest complementary procedures to go along with pectoral implants in Columbus.

What is the difference between pectoral implants and etching?

While pectoral etching does help to eliminate excess fat from the pectoral muscles, it does not add definition or volume for a more muscular appearance. Pectoral implants add bulk for a fuller, enhanced chest. In many cases, both pectoral etching and implants can be utilized for optimal outcomes.

Enhance Your Chest with Pectoral Implants in Columbus

At Dorner Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dorner and his team are proud to offer pectoral implants to male patients in Columbus who are wanting to enhance the bulk and definition of their chest. This innovative procedure can be beneficial in helping you get the appearance you desire. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian Dorner.

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