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Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, can be both frustrating and embarrassing, affecting your quality of life and interfering with your relationships. You may avoid shaking hands or hugging others for fear of ridicule.

If you experience excessive sweating in your hands, face, armpits, or the soles of your feet, you can schedule a consultation with our experienced aesthetician to get professional help. You can explore common treatment options for hyperhidrosis in Columbus to help you feel comfortable and able to interact freely.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that manifests itself through excessive sweating in certain body parts, such as your palms, the soles of your feet, your underarms, or your face. Hyperhidrosis can interfere with your social life and even affect your mental health. You may be concerned about people’s reactions and may avoid social interactions, causing you to live a lonelier life.

The good news for patients in Columbus is that hyperhidrosis is manageable and it can be done right in our Medspa. Our team can examine your situation and offer valuable help. We will recommend the most appropriate treatment option based on your unique needs.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options in Columbus

Treatment options will vary depending on the severity of your condition and individual needs. After analyzing your situation, our aesthetician may use one of the following treatment options to manage your excessive sweating.


Botox is not just for reducing wrinkles – it is one of the most common methods for treating hyperhidrosis. Depending on your unique needs and goals, we could recommend botulinum toxin injections (Botox) to block the nerves that cause sweating. Although Botox offers only temporary relief, it is often worthwhile.

After numbing the targeted areas, our aesthetician will inject Botox several times, depending on the severity of your condition. The effects may last 6–12 months, after which you may have to schedule another Botox session.

Although some patients experience pain and muscle weakness after the procedure, these side effects are temporary. You should be able to resume your normal activities immediately.

miraDry Sweat Reduction

If you experience excessive sweating in your underarms, our team may recommend miraDry, which is an FDA-approved treatment to counter excessive underarm sweating. Not only will this non-invasive procedure reduce excessive sweating, it will also eliminate the associated odor.

If you choose this method for treating hyperhidrosis in Columbus, we will mark the treatment area, apply topical anesthesia to reduce any discomfort during the procedure, and pass the miraDry device over the marked area. This process uses light suction technology to destroy the sweat glands under your arms. You are a good candidate for miraDry if:

  • You need to feel fresher for longer
  • You are worried or embarrassed about the smell of sweaty armpits
  • You do not like using topical antiperspirants
  • You are looking for a long-lasting solution to excessive underarm sweating

For excellent results that are also long-lasting, you will need to schedule at least two treatment sessions, two to three months apart.

Prescription Antiperspirants and Creams

If you have excessive sweating on your face or head, you might benefit from special creams to reduce perspiration. These creams contain glycopyrrolate, a component that limits the stimulation of sweat glands, thus minimizing the amount of sweat produced.

Our aesthetician may also prescribe antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride. You will need to apply this product to the affected area before bed and wash it off in the morning.

Get Your Freedom Back with Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Columbus

We all need to interact freely and confidently. Do not let underarm sweat or stained shirts limit your social life. If you have been worried about excessive sweating for a while, you can now get hyperhidrosis treatment in Columbus thanks to Dorner Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

Our team of professionals use the latest technology to make your life more comfortable, so you can regain your self-confidence. Discover the Dorner Difference when we construct a treatment plan focused on you and your goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.