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IV Nutrient Therapy in Columbus

At Dorner Plastic Surgery, intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is an effective way to enhance your health and wellness with customized treatments. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Dorner and his experienced team offer IV nutrient therapy to boost your immune system, treat minor mineral deficiencies, combat fatigue, and eradicate the symptoms of a hangover. Additionally, IV therapy can help to improve the overall look of your skin for a glowing, clearer complexion. As a quick and minimally invasive treatment, IV nutrient therapy offers several advantages for our Columbus area patients. If you want to experience improved wellness and rejuvenated skin, contact our state-of-the-art facility to learn more or to schedule your IV nutrient therapy appointment.

Ideal Candidates

Before recommending IV nutrient therapy in Columbus, Dr. Dorner will evaluate your medical history and lifestyle to identify if the procedure would be ideal for you and your desired goals. Individuals who can benefit from IV nutrient therapy at Dorner Plastic Surgery are those who:

  • Desire to enhance their overall health and wellness
  • Experience a weak immune system
  • Want to rehydrate their skin
  • Have symptoms associated with chronic fatigue
  • Experience fluctuating moods
  • Deal with mineral deficiencies that cause unpleasant symptoms
  • Want to combat hangover symptoms

Procedure Technique

Prior to providing you nutrient therapy treatment, Dr. Dorner and his team will discuss your desired goals and create a customized treatment plan that is best for you. In one of our private, spacious treatment rooms, you will relax as the IV is inserted into your arm. Typically, the treatment takes no longer than an hour as the nutrients entire your body. Most patients are able to notice the benefits of their treatment almost immediately. Once complete, the IV will be taken out and your arm will be bandaged before you are able to leave our facility and return to your normal daily activities.

What to Expect from IV Treatment Therapy

Following your nutrient therapy treatment, you can expect to feel revitalized and rejuvenated. There is no downtime associated with the procedure and you should be able to continue on with your day as normal. You will also be able to remove your bandage as soon as any bleeding has stopped around the injection site. If you have any questions or concerns following your treatment, please feel free to contact our practice.

Rejuvenate and Revitalize with IV Treatment Therapy in Columbus

With innovative IV nutrient therapy treatments in Columbus, you can feel rejuvenated and combat several unpleasant symptoms. At Dorner Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer this procedure to our patients. Contact us today to learn more about IV nutrient therapy or to schedule a consultation or appointment with our skilled team.

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