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Lipo B Shot in Columbus

Lipotropic B shots are used in Columbus to increase your energy, rev up your metabolism and help if you are deficient in certain nutrients. Lipo B injections bypass the digestive system, and increase your body’s stores temporarily, to help give you a more immediate boost. Many medications, improper diet, medical conditions, and the normal aging process can lead to B deficiency. Learn more about this wellness procedure by calling our office.

About Lipo B

Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble B complex vitamin found naturally in a variety of foods, including meat, fish and dairy products. Lipotropic injections—also called Lipo injections, Lipotropic MIC injections, or Lipotropic B12 injections—are a combination of ingredients administered by needle injection to increase fat metabolism and boost wellness. Often used by people trying to lose weight, the shots are generally combined with a program of diet and exercise to produce weight loss.

Benefits of Lipo B

There are many benefits to the Lipo (Lipotropic) B-12 shot: Lipo B is a water-soluble complex B vitamin that is given in intramuscular injections. Oral forms are not as effective and may not be absorbed well. Vitamin B-12 provides a clean, no-jitter energy boost, speeds up thought processes and focus, improves your mood, promotes alertness, kick starts your brain to feel motivated, boosts your metabolism by helping to digest food, helps burn fat – increases the transformation of carbohydrates into energy, helps control cholesterol levels and gallstones, helps reset metabolism of fats and removal of fat from your liver, provides essential components of normal cell and brain function, helps reduce cholesterol and keeps your skin tone healthy and your nails strong.

How much do I need?

For best results, Dorner Plastic Surgery recommends one Lipo B shot weekly for the first month and then monthly thereafter.

Is the Lipo B shot used for weight loss?

Lipotropic B-12 shots are used in conjunction with diet and exercise to help weight loss. B12 helps you improve energy levels and boost metabolism which both help you make changes to lose weight. The Methionine, Inositol, and Choline all help burn more fat while exercising.

Will I lose weight just with the Lipo B shot?

Along with the shot, to get the best benefits you should take part in a comprehensive weight loss program. Weight loss can be achieved more effectively if you exercise, optimize your vitamins and hormones, reduce stress, and eat healthily.

Are Lipo B shots safe?

Lipo B shots are a water soluble vitamin and very safe because allergies to the components of Vitamin B shots are rare.

Are there side effects common with a Lipo B shot?

Most common side effects of the shot is a local site reaction, it might feel a little sore or tender. Serious side effects are not common.

What are some natural sources of Vitamin B?

Natural sources of Vitamin B are egg yolks, liver, meat, salmon, tuna, and clams.

Where is the Lipo B shot administered?

The shot is administered in the upper arm.

How long does the Lipo B shot last?

Lipo B injections last anywhere from a few weeks to one month, but this may vary from person to person.

How much does a Lipo B injection cost?

Talk to your Dorner Plastic Surgery professional for prices as we often run specials for purchase of multiple shots which allows you to bundle up and save!

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