Dr. Dorner’s Personal Facial Rejuvenation Plan

We practice what we preach at Dorner Plastic Surgery. It’s time for Dr. Dorner to get an overhaul to look younger, feel better, and get lasting results. With the help of his expert team, he has put together a highly effective six-month treatment plan to turn back time.

Tune in every week to find out what treatment he is planning to perform, top tips for you, and the most effective order for each treatment. Find out what ultherapy, Halo ProFractional Laser, microneedling, and Dysport® can mean for you and how the Dorner Plastic Surgery team can help you tailor your own plan to meet your needs.

Treatment 1: Ultherapy

The first treatment Dr. Dorner is undergoing is ultherapy! Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the patient’s natural healing processes within the lower layers of the skin to trigger the active production of collagen. This procedure promotes tightening that gradually lifts and restores the skin for a more youthful look!

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Treatment 2: HALO

Dr. Dorner’s second treatment is HALO . The HALO Laser minimizes acne scars, sun spots, and can even remove age marks and dark spots on the skin! This procedure makes use of safe and effective laser technology to promote skin renewal from deep within the skin layers.

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Treatment 3: Dysport®

Dr. Dorner’s third treatment in his facial rejuvenation plan is Dysport. Dysport is a drug used as a simple and non-invasive method of treating wrinkles. In cosmetic medicine, Dysport works by exerting a relaxing effect on the muscles underlying the wrinkles, temporarily immobilizing them and helping smooth the wrinkles away.

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