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Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery-Brian K. Dorner, M.D. Plastic Surgeon Columbus, OH

What is nose surgery? There was a point in time when getting nose surgery was a huge trend, not only in Columbus, OH, but also in most places around the world. Dr. Dorner describes nose surgery as a procedure that is used to reshape the nose, essentially making it larger or smaller, changing its angle, correcting indentations, bumps, and other conceivable defects of the nose. What happens during nose surgery? Before beginning nose surgery, Dr. Dorner will provide the patient the option to receive general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. This ensures that the patient is comfortable for the duration of the procedure. The incisions for nose surgery may be located in one of two strategic locations. For closed procedures, the incisions will be made inside the nose. On the other hand, for an open procedure, incisions will be made along the columnella or the narrow tissue strip in between the nostrils. Doctors can use several different techniques to reshape the nose, depending on the patient’s requirement.

Usually, cartilage grafting is done to augment the structure of the nose from within. Grafts are often harvested from the cartilage in the nasal septum, and occasionally from the ears, and ribs. To correct a deviated septum—the septum being the partition located in the middle of the patient’s nose—the doctor straightens the septum to give it better alignment and reduces projections along this area to improve the quality of the patient’s breathing. If the nostrils need to be adjusted, additional incisions will be made along their natural crease to allow doctors to alter their shape, size, or orientation. When all of the underlying problems of the nasal structure have been addressed, the skin and surrounding tissues will be re-draped across the newly reshaped nose and the incisions will be subsequently closed. When will I see the results of nose surgery? Right after nose surgery, nasal splints and drainage tubes will be put in place to facilitate the initial healing phase of the internal structures, which will last for about a week. Swelling, redness, and bruising should subside within a few weeks to give patients a clearer perspective of the results of the nose surgery. However, it generally takes about a year for the nose to fully recover from surgery and the full effect of the procedure will be evident then. What should I do during recovery? Recovering from nose surgery requires the patient to avoid strenuous physical activities for a few weeks after the surgery to avoid any complications. Unnecessary pressure applied on the face must be avoided to preserve the corrections achieved during surgery. Pain and antibiotic medication will be prescribed to manage discomfort and reduce the possibility of infection. To learn more, visit our site or give us a call today! https://dornerplasticsurgery.com/ 6425 Post Rd. Suite 102 Dublin, OH 43016 614-721-4721