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May 24, 2022 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

I was very nervous about going through my procedure and did a lot of research over several years. I chose Dr. Dorner and before my surgery, I was comforted by another physician who asked who was performing my surgery; when I said, Dr. Dorner, he said, “You’re in excellent hands! He’s the best!” I told Dr. Dorner what this physician said and although Dr. Dorner appreciated the recognition, he admitted he’d never heard of the doctor who told me. That tells me he’s well recognized and respected by other physicians not necessarily associated with plastic surgery. Four days post-surgery, I couldn’t agree more. He’s excellent/the best! He’s been professional , honest and direct while building a deeper, trusted/ more familial connection to my husband and me. His office/staff equally reflects Dr. Dorner’s heart and dedication for the work he does as well as being honest and compassionate to his patients! I highly recommend.