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May 24, 2022 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Writing this as of 3 weeks post op. Will update further out. Dr. Dorner was like my 4th or 5th consult for brachioplasty. I researched surgeons and the procedure itself extensively. Probably too much. But I’m glad I went for that one last consult before deciding. I had already booked with another surgeon when I went to see dr Dorner. And I was torn leaving my consult with him on which doctor to go with. Dr. Dorner goes into the armpit and the other doctor does not. The other doctor mentioned aggressive lipo and Dr. Dorner said he would lipo as needed but would just be cutting it off. Price:This is my first category but not top priority. Dr. Dorner is the cheapest in Columbus and from my search, all of Ohio for this procedure. I figure this will change when he realizes he is under charging, but I also think making it affordable to more people will keep his surgery schedule full vs somewhere like CAPS that charges FIVE THOUSAND MORE for the same procedure making it only available to a small percentage of the population. Office staff and Environment The staff is top notch. I love Dina! She worked with me so much when I was trying to figure out my financing. I know I was a pain in the butt. I had alpheon but it got canceled and they wouldn’t reopen it. She was so so patient while I figured out another way to fund my surgery. She was very good at returning emails and reassuring me. The nursing staff is great. Very professional and knowledgeable. The girls at the front desk are very sweet and knowledgeable about the skin care products which I appreciate. His office is clean and relaxing. He even has a little wet bar area set up. I really appreciate that he uses real robes and not paper sheets! Dr. Dorner/ The results! He is a perfectionist. Like I didn’t pick this up about him the first time I met him. Dina mentioned it. Boy was she right! He really comes up with the perfect plan based on your body and sets realistic expectations. I HATED MY ELBOW CUFF! Like seriously it was so bad even after losing weight. A lot of surgeons are not good at revising this area. He does amazing. My elbow is normal! I’ve never had normal elbows! The scar: obviously the scariest part of this procedure is the scar. I can’t speak to how mine will look when healed and it’s still covered in tape. But let me tell ya, the scar placement is the best I’ve seen. Like you can only see a very small portion of the scar when my arms are down. And it never really restricted my movement. I’ve seen women talk about needing to sleep in a recliner for weeks after this surgery. I slept in my bed the first night and I’ve really not had any issues.When I woke up from surgery I asked if he did lipo. He said no it wasn’t needed. I kinda freaked out because all my other consults said that it was needed. But lipo comes with its own set of issues so the fact that he gave me the results he did without using lipo is amazing. If my arms were any smaller they would not match my forearms or the rest of my body. This is why having a perfectionist do this type of surgery is critical! This next part is what really sets him apart from others. His after care is top notch! He called me on a Saturday to make sure my hand swelling (super common after this) had gone down. If you call after hours it rings straight to him. And he never seems annoyed or put out. I got my tummy tuck done by another Columbus surgeon and his aftercare was the worst, which honestly made recovery much harder. There are probably things I’m missing here and I’ll update as I remember. Plus I still don’t know what my final results will be because it’s just too soon. But at least go for a consult. Even if you’ve already done a dozens consults. I had honestly planned to go to Miami or Mexico for a BBL and Breast augmentation but now I’ll just wait an extra year or two to save up for Dr. Dorner. It’s just not worth the gamble when I already know how amazing him and his office staff are.