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January 1, 1970 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Let me just start with saying that Lyric is the reason I booked my breast augmentation here! I had done extensive research and sent out many emails to different surgeons and Lyric was the only one who sent me a lengthy personalized email back. She took the time to quickly and efficiently answer my many questions without making me feel like a burden. I am serious when I say that the initial interaction is so important to me. I had a few other people email me back from other surgeon’s offices and they were clearly annoyed I was asking so many questions. This is a SURGERY on MY BODY. Of course I’m going to ask a lot of questions and it’s YOUR JOB to assist me! Anyways, so she got me to come in for a consultation (even though it was 40 minutes away, this is how much I loved her from the start). My boyfriend and I went in and it was a beautiful and clean facility. We were greeted immediately by Lyric and another polite young woman. I was checked in and went back to meet the other nurses and Dr. Dorner. The consultation was informative and professional. I am very self conscious and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this whole experience but Dr. Dorner made me feel very comfortable. After that, I went in to speak with Lisa who worked with me on financing options and scheduling. I decided I didn’t want to wait and scheduled something for the following week so now I had to go back in for my preop appointment and sizing since I was only a week out from the surgery date. Sonja was with me for this portion of my visit. She spent over an hour helping me choose a size and giving me her honest and professional opinion. She reassured me of all my concerns and worries. We finished up and went home. My surgery was at Memorial Outpatient Center which was a clean facility as well. The nurses aren’t the most professional (they gossip) but everything there went good too and now I’m in my recovering week and that’s going well too. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Dorner and his staff!!