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May 24, 2022 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Liposuction of the hips and saddle bags – If you’ve read my first procedure review, you know what’s happening. If not, I’ll give a brief synopsis for you. Back in 2016; I worked my a** off, literally. After losing 90 pounds I was left with stubborn belly fat and saggy skin around my abdomen. It was really affecting me and my view of my body. I worked extremely hard and felt I had nothing to show for it. Enter in, Dr. Dorner.I had my tummy tuck with muscle repair and liposuction done in September of 2016. 12 weeks into recovery……….Pregnant.I was extremely worried. I had just had this major abdominal surgery and now it was going to be undone; would it be okay for the baby, is it going to be too tight, would there be any complications? I had an amazing OB/GYN and it turned out her brother is a plastic surgeon. She said that she has had several patients that have had a tummy tuck and then had babies, with little complications, although they hadn’t been as soon after.Long story short, everything turned out fine. I was fine, baby was fine (although she was breech and we couldn’t get her to turn – no matter how hard we tried) and she was born in August of 2017.During my pregnancy I gained about 29 pounds. After my pregnancy, I gained additional weight. You know….new baby, whatever sleep I could get, nursing..these things took priority. I have managed to lose 23 pounds. So that’s great, but it hasn’t been lost from where I want. I’ve been trying hard, not as hard as before but still hard and the fats just not budging.I saw Dr. Dorner today for a consultation; after looking at the areas around my hips, he agreed and said he could perform liposuction with no issues. He did ask if I had had any drastic weight loss prior to my tummy tuck because I have more skin than he’d expect for someone who gained a small amount during pregnancy. I can’t fault him for asking, I doubt he remembers my previous history, so I said yes. He briefly mentioned a posterior body tuck which I guess is like a tummy tuck for the backside. No thanks. Just the lipo please. I can live with my cellulite and not have to finance a down payment on a house.The quote was less than I imagined so I’m fairly certain this is going to happen. Just have to plan when; it looks like it will be shortly before mother’s day, he’s good at what he does and books out pretty far, plus it’ll be my gift to myself.