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May 24, 2022 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

My breasts have been “deflated” for a long time – 27 years old. 2 Children. Breastfeeding. 70lb weight loss. My result, breasts somewhere between 12 year old boy and 72 year old woman. Currently, I’m 135lbs and 5’8”. My breasts have been “deflated” for a long time. I wasn’t sure if I needed Augmentation and a lift. After talking to my surgeon I decided on 750CC UHP over the muscle.Updated on 23 Jun 2019:Lots of swelling present with some bruising. I do use ice packs. Range of motion is still minimal but my pain has reduced to 4-5 without meds. My entire chest cavity is a nagging kind of pain, breasts/incisions a burning pain. Pain aside, I feel amazing and already love my new boobs. I’ve maintained a decent activity level but am listening to my body a little better because I’ve overdone it the last couple days.Updated on 24 Jun 2019:Feel good and love the new bewbies already. I just wanted to share all the little details I obsess over as a worry wort in case any of you have or have insight for. I didn’t do much resting, lying around the last couple days. I worry could have caused some increased pain I’m having today, but I also have decreased pain meds to only when I wake and go to bed so maybe it’s just not managed as well. Same shape as to be expected. I’ve had slight warmth to both breasts since day one which is still present makes me worry about infection or bleeding. I have increase in tightness and a burning sensation to both breasts. Breastfeeding moms, it feels like super engorged breasts with clogged milk ducts! Pain of the chest cavity itself has subsided greatly. Bruising to top gone but I’ve noticed more bruising on the bottom outer breasts. I’m not allergic to latex or tape; however, my left breast had a very tender red, bumpy rash from the tape dressing I had which has gotten a bit more red :/. With swelling I noticed the curve of my left implant raising the skin from my sternum between my breasts, like home girl trying to cause uni boob or something! I wrapped a pressure dressing the natural size of the space between both breasts and around my shoulders in attempt to keep it from migrating more toward the center. I don’t follow up until this Friday, 4 days from now, so I am going to contact my surgeon in the morning with all the little findings that concern me. I still get fatigued and increased discomfort with exertion, which is good because it’s the only way I remember to really take it nice and easy. I’m impatiently looking forward to the settled results but the results I have now are amazing compared to my pre BA breasts!Updated on 2 Jul 2019:I didn’t have a before photo so I wanted to update with one. For you ladies on the fence about needing a lift, trust your surgeon. I’ve seen many similar breasts go both ways. I was so sure I would need one. My surgeon told me everything I needed to know about the results I would have with implant placement, no lift, final nipple placement, all the risks and benefits…but was confident he could give me the results I desired without a lift. He certainly did.Updated on 3 Jul 2019:Incision healing nicely, I love the shape and fullness, initially wanted higher nipple placement but as of right now I’m happy with them. I can do a nipple lift later if desired. Still cautious, some concerning risks: bottoming out of implant, hanging of implant from chest from skin stretching, contractureUpdated on 12 Aug 2019:I have confidence to “wear” my new breasts. They feel natural and I can’t help but feel they completely flatter my entire figure. I imagine our surgeons want to punch us in the face when we post results before they show the true magic of their work, but I am so happy with myself and want to share my confidence and pleasure in my surgeon’s abilities all over the place!