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January 1, 1970 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Thank you so much to Dr. Dorner and his equally talented & gorgeous staff! Without all of you this would have never been a possibility! This if the first time I was able to go out in public braless and feel confident about it! That HAS never happened to me before! I was so anxious about how others may view me but the night ended up being amazing (Derby Themed Party at Piano Bar in the Arena District… I believe it was called The Big Bag Dueling Piano Bar). Anyways I just wanted to tell all of you how incredibly grateful I am for all that you did for me, and I also recommend you to every person in my Facebook groups (tummy tucks &a more, gastric bypass, etc)! Thank you thank you thank you. I feel amazing in this dress and that is all due to the wonderful Dr. Brian Dorner! – at Capital City Cosmetic Surgery / Brian Dorner, MD.