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Review from L.S.

May 24, 2022 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Two years ago I was watching an episode of “My 600 Pound Life” and they talked about a “gastric balloon”. I was immediately intrigued but didn’t take it much further than a Google search. Last year I was in one of my best friends wedding. I hated how I looked in almost every photo. I couldn’t believe I had let my weight get so out of control in the last couple of years. And nothing I did or tried seemed to reel me back in. I felt like I needed a full mind and body reset button. I looked into a gastric sleeve. But I wasn’t “fat enough” to qualify for insurance to cover it, and out of pocket was just wayyyyy too expensive. Enter: Orbera I saw an as on Facebook for a plastic surgeons office in Dublin that was offering that gastric balloon I thought about a few years ago. I decided 2020 was going to be my year! I had my insertion on March 17th – right when the world was falling apart. I kept thinking… is this really the right time to be doing this??? But I emerged from quarantine 28 pounds lighter and it was all good 🙂 As of today I am down a total of 42 pounds. It wasn’t a magic tool by any means… I counted points and calories, I changed the way I plate my meals, and pushed play on some pretty intense workouts. Tomorrow morning Orbera and I will part ways, but I’m nervous and excited to start on my next journey of maintaining and using all the tools I’ve learned. If you’re in Ohio and interested in the Orbera program too, I got it through Dorner Plastic Surgery in Dublin.