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May 9, 2022 / by Dr. Brian Dorner

Circumfrential Tummy Tuck W Lipo – Dublin, OH – Im 8 weeks and 3 days po. I have swell hell days, recently had a few days with no swelling at all:) my incision is beautiful now, a few raised areas I believe are sutures but waiting for my ps to evaluate. Skins still tight but softening has come a long way from week one. I hope soon I can stop wearing spanx. Doc says I can but I just feel better with it on. The outcome is amazing, and I have no regrets this far. I had a rough start in the beginning, afraid I made a bad choice, and drains were so annoying, but so glad I did it. After 4 healthy babies this was all worth it. Hope to post again soon and see how the healings going. Ask questions and ill answer the best I can.