Abdominoplasty-Brian K. Dorner, M.D. Plastic Surgeon Columbus, OH

https://dornerplasticsurgery.com/ What is abdominoplasty? Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure for removing flab and excess skin around the stomach. In Dr. Dorner’s clinic in Dublin, OH, this involves contouring and tightening the skin, muscles, and tissues in the abdominal area. The surgery is an option for people who were unable to remove excessive abdominal fat after trying everything several other methods like dieting and exercise. Is abdominoplasty for everyone? Both men and women who are healthy can have abdominoplasty. It is good for women who find it difficult to regain the former firmness and tautness of their stomach after a pregnancy or pregnancies. It also helps men and women who were obese once, but still have to deal with abdominal fat. Women who are pregnant or have future plans of having a baby should consider delaying undergoing the procedure until after they are through with having children. Pregnancy can damage the muscles tightened by the procedure. Those who are thinking of losing massive weight through a diet and exercise routine are not advised to consider it. This is not a weight loss option. It is meant only for removing belly fat that a regular weight loss program can’t handle. How do you prepare for abdominoplasty? Choosing and consulting a surgeon about the procedure is the first step. In Columbus, OH, Dr. Dorner is the forerunner in the field of cosmetic surgery. Based on his recommendation, the patient will then have to choose between complete or partial abdominoplasty. The surgeon will advise patients to quit smoking, if they are a smoker, a couple of weeks before the operation. Smoking can bring complications and prolong the healing process. Eating complete and balanced meals is required. This helps the incision to heal better and faster. To prevent harmful reactions, the patient should also tell the doctor if he or she is taking supplements and medication. A good rest before the operation also helps. What are the possible complications? For a few days after the procedure, expect swelling and some pain. There will also be soreness for weeks or months following abdominoplasty. In some instances, the patient will also suffer from bruising, fatigue and numbing. These are minor complications and the surgeon will be ready for them. There have been serious risks associated with abdominoplasty, seen in very limited cases and have included infection, blood clots and bleeding underneath the skin. There are times, but they are rare, when a patient will heal poorly which can cause skin loss or massive scarring. This may call for another surgery. What do you do after the procedure? The area operated on will be stitched and bandaged. Dr. Dorner will provide his patients with instructions on how to properly care for these. The bandages will be elastic, firm, and will help promote faster healing. The patient should avoid demanding activity for the next six weeks at least. A month of leave from work may be necessary to ensure recovery. Give us a call today for more information! 6425 Post Rd. Suite 102 Dublin, OH 43016 Email Us 614-721-4721