Brazilian Butt Lift-Brian K. Dorner, M.D. Plastic Surgeon Columbus, OH Not all of us are blessed with beautiful buttocks. Most people try to augment what they have by using underwear with built-in butt pads. While that might be fine for many, swimsuit season can be a nightmare. The best thing to do would be to enlist the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon who can provide you with a permanent solution, which will involve plastic surgery. You can opt for a Brazilian butt lift instead of normal implants. This is a process wherein volume is added to your buttocks to create a fuller look. It is done using lipoinjection. The process involves taking fat from problem areas like your thighs, abdomen or flanks and transferring them to your buttocks. This will result in a beautiful backside that you can flaunt. The best part is that it can improve the aesthetic appearance of the donor sites, making you look thinner and accentuating your newly-acquired buttocks. The Procedure Most doctors prefer autologous fat transfer because it is minimally invasive and there is less chance of tissue rejection. The process begins by harvesting fat from the donor sites. A cannula is used to extract the fat. The doctor will have to make a small and narrow incision to do this. The fat is inserted into the buttocks area using a cannula via a tiny incision. Your doctor has to divide the collected fat in two and inject them into both butt cheeks. This process requires skill and precision as they should have the same shape and contour. Recovery Since this is a minimally invasive procedure, full recovery will take no more than two weeks. Therefore, patients can resume their normal activities in less than a month. This is why this is such a popular plastic surgery procedure. Who Benefits From This Procedure? Both men and women can benefit from a Brazilian butt lift. It is best for people who have small and/or sagging buttocks. This minimally invasive procedure helps boost self confidence, especially in people who have congenital defects and those who are extremely conscious about the size of their buttocks. Since the recovery process is relatively short, it is the perfect procedure for busy people who do not have the luxury of waiting for months before full recovery. Brazilian butt lifts help people who are plagued with unshapely buttocks achieve beautiful and perky backsides. If you have ever dreaded swimsuit season, this is the perfect procedure for you, as it will allow you to feel more confident in revealing clothing.