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Breasts succumb to gravity and this causes breast ptosis. This is a condition wherein they sag and fall forward. Many women are afflicted by this condition. Nursing mothers, middle-aged women and even younger females who have breasts that are disproportionate to their figure can have sagging breasts. Thus, for the sake of their emotional well-being, a breast lift is necessary. What Is A Breast Lift? A breast lift is otherwise called mastopexy. This procedure is a plastic surgery enhancement wherein the cosmetic surgeon raises sagging breasts. The goal is to change the size, contour and to make them aesthetically proportionate to match the patient’s desired goal. A lot of factors are considered for this procedure. To start, the NAC or nipple areola complex should be considered, as this ensures that there is proper sensitivity for both breastfeeding and lactation. The process requires cutting and removing excess tissues. This includes skin, fat glandular elements and overstretched suspensory ligaments. The nipple areola complex is moved higher up to give it a youthful look. How A Breast Lift can Change Your Life Many women get breast lifts to improve their emotional and mental well-being. Sagging breasts can be a source of embarrassment. Thus, going on errands without a bra on can be a problem. A woman with sagging breasts may have to shy away from outfits that highlight the cleavage area, especially those that should be worn without a bra. In some cases, women are so affected that it causes problems with intimacy, which can potentially cause a rift in a relationship. Getting a breast lift not only improves a woman aesthetically, it also boosts self confidence, which can take a major blow when one has a problem with how we feel about a certain body part. However, please note that this procedure should not be taken lightly. It would be best to have an expert perform the surgery, as an inexperienced doctor will not be able to achieve your desired look. The doctor you decide to choose must be a seasoned cosmetic surgery specialist who can perform the procedure safely and efficiently. Sagging breasts do not have to be a permanent source of shame. You can defy gravity with the help of our experienced breast lift expert. Dr. Dorn is a licensed cosmetic surgeon who is an expert in treating breast ptosis. If you are in need of a breast lift, do not hesitate to contact Capital City Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation. To learn more about breast lifts and what Dr. Dorner can do for you, please visit his website or call his office today! 6425 Post Rd. Suite 102 Dublin, OH 43016 614-721-4721